Around MN: How will Cravaack vote on debt ceiling?

Freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack was among the darlings of GOP leadership when he unseated longtime congressman Jim Oberstar, but lately Cravaack hasn't followed their approach on the debt ceiling.

Cravaack along with fellow Republican Michele Bachmann voted against GOP-leadership endorsed plan to raise the debt ceiling. But now a plan with what appears to be broader support has emerged and it is unclear how Cravaack will vote.

The AP reports a spokesman says Cravaack is undecided on the new plan.

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Bachmann says she won't be switching her vote and will vote 'no' on the newest version of the bill that raises the debt ceiling.

Cravaack seems comfortable bucking the GOP leadership. He's currently fundraising on his previous opposition to the debt ceiling plan.

If Cravaack supports the new plan he will have to explain why his thinking changed and stop fundraising on his opposition to raising the debt ceiling.

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