The value of nature, the cost of an oil boom, returning sanity to the election process

U of M economist measures nature's benefits with dollars

Scientists in Minnesota are trying to do something that may be impossible: put a dollar value on nature.

Nature performs many important functions that benefit humans -- not just offering beauty but cleaning water, taming floods and pollinating crops. Some researchers think it's time to put a dollar value on those natural processes.

University of Minnesota economic researcher Steve Polasky is building on ideas first presented in the field of applied economics back in the 1960s. The idea is kind of a merger of ecology and economics to identify services that nature provides, and assign a monetary value to those services.

-- MPR News reporter Stephanie Hemphill.

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Virginia police chief says tensions high after return to work

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Oil boom severely straining North Dakota economy

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Local view: Return the election process to what the founders envisioned

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