DNR takes more aggressive measures against zebra mussels

Zebra mussels
This undated photo provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows a group of zebra mussels, taken from Lake Erie. Dozens of foreign species could spread across the Great Lakes in coming years and cause significant damage to the environment and economy, despite policies designed to keep them out, a federal report says.
AP Photo/U.S. Department of Agriculture

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has announced new strategies for trying to slow the spread of aquatic invasive species.

For the first time, the DNR will set up road stations to try to catch invasive species like zebra mussels that hitchhike on boats and trailers. The agency will also purchase 20 additional high-pressure, hot water decontamination units that will be operated around Detroit Lakes, Brainerd, and other areas with zebra mussel-infested waters.

A new state law authorized the measures and doubled the DNR's aquatic invasive species budget. It also called for faster hiring of new inspectors, and stronger rules prohibiting the transportation of invasive species. The more aggressive measures comes as Asian carp move farther up the Mississippi River, and invasive mussels colonize more lakes.

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