U of M study: Can rock music make you racist?

A study out of the University of Minnesota is prompting headlines like this one from The Daily Mail in Britain: "Does listening to Rock make you racist?"

The lead author of the study says that's not quite what her research uncovered.

Here's how the study worked. Students at a university were asked for advice on how to divvy up a pot of money to various groups on campus. When students showed up for the study, they spent the first spent seven minutes in a waiting room where music was playing. After that, the students sat down with someone who gave them the names and descriptions of groups eligible for the money.

The way the students divided the funds may shed some new light on our understanding of how music influences people.

Cathy Wurzer talks with the lead author of the study, Heather LaMarre. She's a professor at the U of M's school of journalism and mass communications.

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