MSFA: Don’t count PSLs out

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Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen was doing a little damage control today. She spoke on Minnesota Public Radio's Daily Circuit and walked back her agency's charge, made in a letter from Governor Dayton, to repudiate one-time seat fees at the new Vikings stadium the MSFA is building.

She noted a survey by the Vikings spread some alarm that fans might have to consider a second mortgage to keep their seats at the Vikings games -- some of which have been in families since the team started in 1961.

"Apparently there were a lot of different examples, and some of them were $20,000 a seat, $30,000 a seat. I don't think the market in Minnesota probably could bear that anyway," Kelm-Helgen said. "I don't think realistically that's something we're looking at, but those are the kind of numbers people are concerned about."

That said, she wouldn't rule out some kind up upfront fee: "Something that's in a range that's more financially reasonable. And it also depends on which seats," Kelm-Helgen said. "It's one thing if you do it in club areas and kind of premium seating areas, like the Twins did. It's another thing if you do it throughout the entire stadium, for example. But we just haven't had those conversations."

By the way, here's what the PSL numbers look like in the rest of the league, with an estimate for the Vikings at the bottom: