Metrodome takes another step closer to the end this weekend

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marathon start
Runners line up for the Twin Cities Marathon on 6th Street in downtown Minnapolis. Flickr photo: Derek A. Young

The World Series, the Super Bowl and the Final Four aren't the only high-profile events the Metrodome has hosted. It also plays a key role in one of the nation's premiere running events, the Twin Cities Marathon.

Ok, it's mostly a bathroom for the tens of thousands of runners that hoof the 26.2 mile and 10 mile routes over into St. Paul. But some years, it's a vital shelter from bone-chilling starting temperatures.

And next October, it'll be gone. The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority says demolition will begin in February, making Sunday's race the Metrodome's last.

"We are very spoiled to have access to that dome, and thankfully it's only temporary that it'll be gone," says TCM executive director Virginia Brophy Achman.

She says race organizers are already making accomodations for life without a stadium.

"We've moved the start line further up, and that allows for all of the (runner) corrals to be on 6th street, and then on each adjoining side street will be a separate entrance into each corral. And this year, the sweat trucks will be in there for people to drop their bags. And next year, we'll add the porta potties," Brophy Achman says.

Eventually, the marathon will be back at the new stadium. "we'll put our orders in now for good weather for the next two years," Brophy Achman says.