MNsure account verification problems to be fixed, officials say

A technical problem that has prevented many Minnesotans from enrolling in the state's new health insurance marketplace should be resolved tonight, MNsure officials said Tuesday.

The problem had to do with a connection with a federal database used to identify whether site users are who they say they are. For the last few days, it has prevented people from creating an account and enrolling in an insurance plan.

MNsure has been working with the federal government to find a solution. Executive director April Todd-Malmlov said she hopes the latest fix will solve the identity verification problems once and for all.

"We have worked through that, we have a fix ready to go, and we will be putting that in tonight," she said.

Todd-Malmlov said the fix should be made before 10 p.m., when the MNsure site closes for routine maintenance.

This is the third technical problem MNsure has identified since the website opened a week ago.

MNsure officials also announced today that, after a one-week delay, the online insurance marketplace can now process account creation and enrollment for the state's Native Americans.

When the site launched last week, MNsure officials discouraged tribal members from using the site because it was having problems processing special provisions regarding eligibility for subsidies.

Todd-Malmlov said those problems have been fixed.

"The delay that we had announced for American Indians to wait a week to come in, the code is now on the site and American Indians should come to the site," she said.