Rep. Daudt appointed to national GOP committee

House Republican Leader Kurt Daudt has been appointed to the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, a national organization that helps get members of the GOP elected to state offices.


Daudt is among 17 lawmakers who will sit on the committee, with other members ranging from Iowa and Wisconsin to Texas and New Jersey.

The RLCC is an arm of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

During the 2012 election cycle, the RSLC gave $610,000 to Minnesota's Future, a political group working to elect Republicans to the Legislature. That made the RSLC Minnesota's Future's single largest donor, giving them nearly 50 percent of all the cash Minnesota's Future raised in 2012.

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And in 2103, the RSLC was the only donor to Minnesota's Future, giving the group $11,000. In turn, Minnesota's future spent nearly that much on a special election in St. Cloud to elect Republican Rep. Tama Theis to the state House. 

An RSLC spokeswoman did not respond to an email about whether Daudt's appointment to the executive committee indicated the group would be putting more money into Minnesota this year. Republicans need to win only seven seats to take the Minnesota House.

MPR asked the RSLC whether Daudt's appointment indicated they'd be spending more money here in 2014. Here's a response from RSLC spokeswoman Jill Bader:

"The RLCC values Leader Daudt’s leadership and vision and commitment to our organization.  We remain focused on defending chambers and making gains across the Midwest, including in Minnesota."