Workshops to improve bicycling in Minn. to launch

A marked bike lane along Summit avenue.
Summit avenue and a growing number of other major cycling routes in the Twin Cities have clearly marked "bicycle only" lanes.
MPR Photo/Dan Olson, file

State transportation officials will launch a series of workshops later this month to gather public input on how to improve bicycling in Minnesota.

The workshops begin on April 23rd in St. Cloud and include events in Mankato, Bemidji, Rochester and St. Paul through mid-May.

They're part of MnDOT's Statewide Bicycle System Plan to get input from residents on how the agency should prioritize improvements.

Because MnDOT's jurisdiction is limited to highways, the agency wants to better understand where state roads affect bicycling around the state, said MnDOT Planner Greta Alquist.

"We really want to get a better understanding for where MnDOT roads affect bicycling around the state, whether that's a long-distance route like the Mississippi River trail or whether it's one of our roads that goes through a town and serves as a Main Street," Alquist said.

After the public comment period, the agency will use the feedback to update its bicycle plan and maps, Alquist said.

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