The Daily Digest: GOP donors taking their time

Good morning. Here are five politics stories to follow today.

1. The waiting game.

Wealthy donors and bundlers are waiting to give money to Republican candidates, in part because the field is so wide. It's a situation that echoes the 2014 Minnesota governor's race, when there were multiple Republicans running for the GOP endorsement. In the end, it was one reason fundraising for for nominee Jeff Johnson never gained momentum. (The New York Times)

2. What defines a 'war hero'?

On Saturday, incendiary GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, who landed in a Hanoi prison camp during Vietnam, wasn't really a war hero because he was captured by the enemy. On Sunday, Trump refused to back down, ignoring criticism for his comments from Republicans and Democrats. (ABC News)

3. Undocumented immigrants and Obamacare.

When the Affordable Care Act was passed, the Obama administration went to great lengths to ensure that undocumented immigrants couldn't buy insurance on the exchanges. In California, that may be about the change, reigniting the controversial issue. (Politico)

4. The NRA and Bernie Sanders?

Yup. Those two words can be used in the same sentence. As it turns out, Sanders, who is running to the left of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential endorsement, got help from the National Rifle Association early in his political career. (The Washington Post)

5. Iran deal lands in Congress.

It's going to a tough sell among Democrats and Republicans. Stay tuned. (CNN)

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