The Daily Digest: Planned Parenthood fallout

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Good morning. Here are five politics stories to follow today.

1. Planned Parenthood fallout.

Planned Parenthood says a video released last week that depicts an organization doctor talking about how the group preserves fetal tissue is part of years of harassment. Meanwhile, a group of Minnesota legislators wrote Gov. Mark Dayton to ask for an investigation into Minnesota's Planned Parenthood clinics. Local Planned Parenthood officials say Minnesota facilities don't have fetal tissue donation program. (Associated Press)

2. Draft deferment. 

As Donald Trump criticizes Sen. John McCain for getting captured while fighting in Vietnam, Trump's own timeline for a medical deferment that kept him out of the military is raising questions. Incidentally, Sen. Al Franken made a statement similar to Trump's many years ago. (Politico)

3. Limbaugh to Trump's defense.

Wondering why Trump continues to do well among voters despite his comments? One reason may be that Trump has some popular conservatives rallying for him, including radio host Rush Limbaugh. He came to Trump's defense, saying "[The American people] have not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down and tell everybody to go to hell.” (The New York Times)

4. Sometimes, it pays to sit out.

At least that's the case for Hillary Clinton, who didn't go to the Netroots Nation convention over the weekend, where activists with the #BlackLivesMatter movement confronted Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley about how they would end racism. They didn't answer well. But Clinton had time to craft an answer that's getting high marks from the same activists. (Vox)

5. ...But he's no Paul Wellstone.

Sanders may be winning the hearts of the most liberal wing of the Democratic party. But as the Star Tribune reports, he's no Paul Wellstone when it comes to his "understanding of how to involve and engage people in a campaign in a really deep way," says former Wellstone campaign manager Jeff Blodgett. (The Star Tribune)