A war on climate science?

Several news outlets including the Guardian and The New York Times have reported that the Trump administration is scrubbing climate change references from government websites like epa.gov.

The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative monitors the availability of scientific research by the federal government. They cite the removal of “substantial” climate change data from federal climate websites.

Today I checked the EPA’s climate change FAQ site.  That site used to answer questions about climate change. It was deleted on inauguration day. Today it simply says; “This page is being updated.”

EPA page

Some see this as a Trump administration war on climate science. Minnesota author Shawn Otto, is husband of state auditor and gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto. He wrote “The War on Science” - and is the co-founder of Climate Debate-dot-Org.

On MPR's Climate Cast I asked Shawn about his take on disappearing climate change information on government websites.

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