Properly arctic now; subzero Super Bowl

Minnesota's winter weather may steal the show Super Bowl weekend.

We expect snow and cold in early February. This weekend delivers both.  The coldest day of the next week? You guessed it. Super Bowl Sunday.

The medium-range forecast maps continue to show an efficient arctic air delivery feed into the Upper Midwest through next weekend.

1 29 500

Here's a quick look at temperatures this week. We get a brief shot of milder Pacific air Tuesday into early Wednesday. Then temperatures plunge into next weekend. A few model runs suggest the numbers you see below could be optimistic for Super Bowl Sunday.

We may have a tough time getting above zero in the Twin Cities Sunday.

1 29 wx
NOAA forecast temperatures for Minneapolis via Weather Bell.

Saturday clipper?

Arctic air likes to pave the way before arrival with a fresh shot of fluffy snow.

Most forecast models suggest a clipper will sail southeast Saturday across Minnesota. It's still too early for high confidence here, but the American and Canadian models suggest the potential a swath of 1 to 3 inches of snow.

1 29 gfs
NOAA GFS model for Saturday via tropical tidbits.

Southern California heat wave

It's one of the realities of the way the jet stream works. When it's bitter in Minnesota in winter, it's usually warm in Southern California. Look for more record highs around Los Angeles Monday.

That means high fire danger as you might expect.

Stay tuned.

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