Where have the millennial feminists gone?

More than half of millennial women don't identify as feminists. A Refinery29 survey found that 54 percent of young women refuse the feminist title.

Though they shy away from the feminist moniker, 70 percent of millennial woman fear the Trump administration could endanger their individual rights and liberties.

Something to note: Many young women say they feel that the mainstream women's movement is not inclusive to women of color and members of the LGBTQ community.

Quote: "If we think about a traditional or mainstream, or even second-wave feminist agenda of equal pay, of paying for contraception, of choice, that has become mainstream and overwhelming numbers of young people agree with those policy decisions. When you then ask then, about the ideology of feminism, the label of feminism, that's what [millennial women] reject," said professor Cathy Cohen.

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Guests: Cathy Cohen is the David and Mary Winton Green professor of political science. Lulete Mola is the vice president of community impact at the Women's Foundation of Minnesota.

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