Kinder and gentler snowfall Tuesday

Our wicked February comes to a merciful end in less than 72 hours.

My informal, unscientific poll of Minnesotans now shows the "sick of winter index" has reached 81 percent of Minnesotans. In the past 24 hours, I've heard people say "time to evacuate" and "please give me some hope."

Sorry, macho Minnesota winter lovers, but you're in a vastly dwindling minority now.

Most Minnesotans have simply had enough.

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There are signs that milder air may start to infiltrate Minnesota in about 10-12 days. In the meantime, one or two lighter snowfall events this week.

Kinder and gentler snow 

Tuesday's snowfall creeps in on cat's paws. Look for a gradual increase in light snow coverage. Light winds nudge tiny flakes drifting gently earthward. Snow tapers off Wednesday morning.

Here's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Global Forecast System model depiction of snowfall cover through 6 a.m. Wednesday.

2 26 gg
NOAA GFS model through 6 am Wednesday via tropical tidbits.

Most of us will see another 1 to 2 inches on sidewalks by midday Wednesday. The best chance for 3 inches is north of the Interstate 94 corridor either side of a Fargo-Alexandria-Brainerd-St. Cloud-Rice Lake zone from North Dakota into Minnesota.

2 26 msp snow

Arctic for now

Friday brings another light (1-3 inches) snow chance for much of Minnesota. Another shot of arctic cold invades this weekend. Temperatures remain frigid into early next week. But signs of moderation begin to emerge late next week.

2 26 ww
NOAA via Weather Bell.

30s in sight?

Only in Minnesota do we celebrate highs in the 30s in March. There are signs we may get there between about March 10-15. The jet stream appears ready to finally shift ever so slightly north by then.

2 26 500
Jet stream outlook for March 10 via NOAA.

That should allow a few above freezing days as the second week of March unfolds.

2 26 16
NOAA via Meteostar.

One word of caution Minnesotans know about March. Yes, it warms up a bit. But that can still come with plenty of snow.

Stay tuned.