April snow, in climatological context

Two men shovel out a moving van Thursday in North Mankato, Minn.
Two men shovel out a moving van Thursday in North Mankato, Minn., on Thursday.
Pat Christman | Mankato Free Press

In this hour-long edition of Climate Cast, we talk snow, business, and Minnesota's lakes and rivers.

Part 1: The April storm in climatological context

• With guest Kenny Blumenfeld, senior climatologist, state climate office.

Part 2: Business risks and opportunities with climate change

"Corporate America" is an overused phrase to describe companies with vastly different focuses. But one common thread is emerging: The effects of climate change are showing up in corporate supply chains and bottom lines. Paul Huttner talks with three business sustainability leaders about strategizing for a uncertain future:

• Jill Kolling, vice president of Cargill's global sustainability hub

• Gayle Schueller, vice president and chief sustainability officer, 3M

• Scott Tew, executive director, Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand

Part 3: Climate change and Minnesota's lakes and rivers

Wednesday is Water Action Day in Minnesota. Huttner and guests discuss how climate change is already affecting rivers and lakes in Minnesota.

• Jeff Forester, Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates

• Kate Brauman, University of Minnesota