Emerald ash borer discovered in Worthington in SW Minnesota

Emerald ash borer
Emerald ash borer
David Cappaert | Courtesy of Michigan State University

Minnesota agriculture officials are placing Nobles County under emergency quarantine after emerald ash borers were discovered in Worthington, Minn.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture said Wednesday it's the first time emerald ash borers have been identified in Nobles County. The emergency quarantine is aimed at limiting movement of firewood and ash products out of the southwestern Minnesota county, reducing the risk of spreading the tree-killing insect.

A total of 19 Minnesota counties, including Nobles County, are now under a full or partial quarantine to prevent spreading emerald ash borers.

The pest was found along Interstate 90 in Worthington.

An open house for Nobles County residents to learn more about emerald ash borer will be held Sept. 4 in Worthington. The state Agriculture Department plans to impose the quarantine on Oct. 1.

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