How do you stay safe in remote areas like BWCA during severe weather?
After a multi-year drought, the weather has turned wetter and meteorologist Sven Sundgaard says that pattern is more conducive to bouts of severe storms. So how do you stay safe in remote, outdoor, water-filled, even woodsy areas of Minnesota like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area when severe weather strikes?
Drought-free, but for how long? How climate change affects dry and wet trends in Minnesota
Kenneth Blumenfeld with the Minnesota State Climatology Office talks about recent rainfall patterns across the state and how they’re connected to climate change.
DNR: Elko New Market can pump more groundwater to supply bottled water plant
The DNR said its test results show the increase would not negatively affect aquifer levels or nearby lakes, rivers and streams. Elko New Market will be required to investigate and address any potential impacts on nearby private wells.
Food waste composting is cooking in Minnesota — and helping curb climate change
Americans waste about one-third of all available food. Tossed in the trash, unused food creates the potent greenhouse gas methane as it decays in landfills.
Climate change linked to rising home insurance rates in Minnesota
Minnesota was the only state to see losses in the home insurance market in six of the last seven years, the New York Times reported. The losses correlate with increasing home damage from severe weather.
Creating a throw-away culture: How companies ingrained plastics in modern life
Plastic has become embedded in everyday life. That’s because for the last 70 years, the plastics industry convinced consumers to embrace the material for its low cost and disposability.
Meetings planned on nitrate contamination in southeast Minnesota water
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared state agencies need to take additional steps to protect drinking water in southeast Minnesota. The region’s karst geology makes wells especially susceptible to nitrate contamination from fertilizer, manure and wastewater.
Residents complain of water problems after Elko New Market pumping test
The residents say the changes occurred late last year, the same time the city was conducting an aquifer test by pumping groundwater at higher-than-normal rates. The pump test was prompted by a proposal by a California-based company, Niagara Bottling, to build a facility in Elko New Market to produce bottled water. 
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