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Should your high school student take a gap year?

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Only about 3 percent of American students take a gap year between high school and college.
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There are no gaps in life, but there can be a deliberate, planned break between high school and college.

Even though Malia Obama did it — and schools like Harvard and Princeton encourage it — only about 3 percent of American students take a gap year. 

Americans are far less likely than their European or Australian counterparts to do so. But researchers are now seeing growing interest in the idea here in the United States.

Should parents and school counselors encourage more students to take a gap year?

Angela Davis talked with two guests who have some practical knowledge about gap years. They discussed everything from financial aid to academic benefits.


Ethan Knight, founder and executive director of the Gap Year Association, a national nonprofit that coordinates gap year programs and provides families with information.

Ann Kjorstada college and career center counselor at the Academy of Holy Angels, a college prep high school in Richfield, Minn.

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