Appetites: Live vicariously through this food writer's Twin Cities pizza tour

A pizza sits on a table
A pizza from Mucci's, an Italian restaurant in St. Paul
Mucci’s chef Chris Uhrich

The Twin Cities metro is home to many tasty pizza joints, each giving their own unique take on the classic dish.

After a social media backlash to her criticism of a local chain, Abeer Syedah asked followers where they like to get pizza from. She then went to dozens of the recommended pizzerias to determine which are the best.

Syedah told MPR News host Tom Crann that pizza is a food that resonates with everyone.

“I think something that’s really important about pizza is that we all affiliate it with our childhood, really regardless of where we’re from,” she said.

To hear more of Syedah’s interview on All Things Considered and what she recommends, click on the audio player above.

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