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New cookbook celebrates fresh and soulful recipes from north Minneapolis
Princess Titus, co-founder of Appetite for Change, shared a glimpse into the stories and people that inspired the cookbook “Appetite for Change: Soulful Recipes from a north Minneapolis Kitchen.”
Appetites: Potato cakes and camel meat stand out on trip to Grand Forks
If you’re road tripping this summer, you may be looking for good eats beyond the Twin Cities, and there’s always a hidden gem if you know where to look. Guidebook author Amy Rea recently spent 24 hours in Grand Forks and wrote about it for foodie newsletter Heavy Table.
TV show takes Minnesota chef to Guatemala, where women are preserving tortilla tradition
We’ve been hearing more and more about corn in the food world. Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, chef and Appetites regular, says there’s more to the story.
Appetites: The best way to find and cook wild mushrooms
It’s prime season for mushroom foraging, but why risk the poison ivy says Appetites regular Beth Dooley, author of “The Perennial Kitchen.” She said you can pick up all kinds of wild mushrooms at your nearest farmers market — and she’s got plenty of tips for how to cook them, too.
Appetites: Amateur baker brings a slice of Minnesota to the Great American Baking Show
An amateur baker from greater Minnesota made it to the finals on the Great American Baking Show, but not without bringing a piece of Minnesota with her.
Doing dim sum right: A brunch connoisseur shows a newbie around
You may think of eggs Benedict and mimosas when it comes to brunch — but what about shrimp dumplings and tea? That’s what dim sum is all about. And MPR News reporters Nicole Ki and Kyra Miles went out to find the best dim sum in town.
Feel like the restaurant industry is failing? It may just be moving
The gut punch of losing a favorite dinner spot and the constant drum beat of restaurant closure news can make it feel like the industry isn’t doing well. But a new report suggests that might not be entirely true.
After long detour, Chef Sameh Wadi revives Saffron, the restaurant that never left his mind
After shuttering Saffron nearly eight years ago, Chef Sameh Wadi went on to World Street Kitchen and Milkjam Creamery in Minneapolis. Now, he’s ready to return to his roots.
Appetites: Sisters bottle up mom’s ‘magic’ chutney recipes
On Mother’s Day, many celebrate the mother figures in their lives with flowers or by cooking a meal. Sisters Yasameen and Sheilla Sajady have been celebrating their mom, Fatima, with their sauce company, Maazah, and sharing the “magic” of her chutney recipes.
Appetites: As team elevates play, Wolves head chef elevates arena menu
Basketball fans headed to the Target Center have seen the quality of play from the Timberwolves improve over the past couple of years. It just so happens that the fan dining experience also has made an Anthony Edwards-esque leap.