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Give to the Max raises more than $21 million for Minnesota nonprofits

Give to the Max Day graphics
Minnesota nonprofits and schools raised more than $21.6 million on the 11th annual Give to the Max Day.
Courtesy of GiveMN

Minnesota nonprofits and schools raised a record-breaking total of more than $21.6 million on Thursday during the 11th annual Give to the Max Day.

More than 5,600 nonprofit organizations and schools participated in the online fundraiser, receiving donations from individuals in all 87 Minnesota counties. Donors from all 50 states and various countries around the world also participated in the 24-hour event.

The previous record for the event was $21 million in 2018.

GiveMN, an independent nonprofit organization, markets the event as a giving holiday, encouraging residents statewide to donate by offering incentives, such as thousands of dollars in prizes, to participating nonprofits. GiveMN executive director Jake Blumberg said the event is the largest — if not the only — fundraising campaign of the year for many organizations.

“There are a number of organizations that receive the majority if not the complete portion of their annual operating budget from individual donors on Give to the Max Day," Blumberg said.

Launched in 2009, GiveMN raised $14 million during its first Give to the Max event. The organization has since raised more than $200 million for almost 12,000 nonprofit organizations and schools.

“We couldn’t be more proud to be stewards of this amazing day, which embodies everything that is great about Minnesota — community, generosity and recognition that, working together, we can accomplish great things,” Blumberg said. “Give to the Max Day shows just how treasured our state’s nonprofits and schools are to the Minnesotans they serve.”