Have you tried to get tested for coronavirus? Tell us about your experience so we can understand what people are being told

Samples are tested for COVID-19.
Mayo Clinic is conducting a drive-through process in Rochester to collect COVID-19 specimens for testing.
Courtesy of Mayo Clinic

Minnesota’s count of positive COVID-19 cases is growing — and the state’s ability to test patients who have symptoms associated with the virus remains limited.

As MPR News continues to cover this public health emergency, we’d like to better understand what patients are hearing from doctors and medical authorities when they ask to be tested for the coronavirus.

We need your help. Have you (or has a family member) contacted your doctor, clinic, health insurance, local hospital or other health care provider to ask about being tested for coronavirus?

Have you (or has a family member) been recently treated for fever or respiratory issues — and talked with a health care provider about whether you should be tested?

We’d like to hear from you.

Please know that we take your privacy seriously — and we appreciate you sharing your story. We are gathering this information for our reporting, not for publication — and it’s possible a reporter will contact you with more questions.

We are answering our readers’ and listeners’ questions about COVID-19 as they submit them. If you have a question that you’d like us to answer, share it here. See all of our coronavirus coverage here.

MPR News reporter Catharine Richert is covering people’s experiences trying to get tested for COVID-19. If you’d like to contact her directly, find her at

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