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 Floodwaters and bird flu continue to rise in Minnesota, COVID remains low
Flood waters continue to rise in Minnesota rivers. In addition to the immediate danger presented by rising and rushing waters, floods also pose other health risks. Floodwater can contain downed power lines, human and livestock waste, other hazardous waste, and other debris that may not be visible.
Where to find a COVID booster in Minnesota (and more booster questions, answered)
Federal officials have opened the door wide to people seeking COVID-19 boosters. Here’s where you can find one in Minnesota and what you should know about how they work.
Minnesota health officials keeping a close eye on COVID uptick
Nationally, emergency room visits and hospitalizations tied to COVID-19 have climbed recently. A key Minnesota health official spoke with MPR News on the state of infections here.
Coronavirus FAQ: Is the 6-foot rule debunked? Or does distance still protect you?
At a congressional hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci said the CDC recommendation to stay 6 feet from others to ward off infection was not based on data. Does that mean keeping a distance won't protect you?
Lost your vaccine card? Here’s how to prove you’re fully vaccinated
More businesses and schools are requiring proof of vaccination for entry or for work. But what if you misplaced or threw away your paper card? You’ve got a few options. But whatever you do, don’t get a fake one off the internet.
Cows infected by bird flu in Minnesota, but human threat very low
The bird flu outbreak has impacted 17 million poultry across 26 states to date so far this year, 1.7 million of those affected poultry are in Minnesota. Threat to human health is very low, with only four known cases of human infection so far this year.
Remembering Minnesotans lost to COVID-19
Through conversations with their family members, colleagues and close friends, MPR News is remembering the lives of the people we’ve lost, too soon, to COVID-19.
State agencies allowed pandemic cash to go to ineligible Minnesotans, Legislative Auditor finds 
The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor says the Department of Labor and Industry did not comply with some state requirements for the Frontline Worker Pay Program leading to many ineligible individuals getting paid pandemic-era funds.
What to make of the new COVID variants, FLiRT
Dr. Ashish Jha, the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and former White House COVID-19 response coordinator, returned to All Things Considered to speak with host Ailsa Chang about what the new variants could bring.