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Hallberg: Yes, get a flu shot. No, it probably won't compromise your immune system

Flu Season
Wendy Kerley gives Ethan Getman, 15, a shot of the flu vaccine on Jan. 3, 2019, at a clinic in Memphis, Tenn. Dr. Jon Hallberg recommended people get their flu vaccine this month or next.
Jim Weber | Daily Memphian via AP 2019

The temperatures are dropping and kids are returning to school. It is a reminder that fall is upon us and flu season is not far behind.

Dr. Jon Hallberg, medical director of the University of Minnesota Physicians Mill City Clinic, is urging people to get their flu shots early this year.

“[Anything] we can do to hedge our bets is a great idea,” he said.

Hallberg recommended people get them this month or next, and said they shouldn’t be worried about whether the shots make them more susceptible to COVID-19.

“I think people often interpret that [soreness they get from flu shots] as some sort of a compromise to the immune system, when it’s probably just the opposite,” he said. “When you get that flu shot, you’re boosting your immune system. You’re stimulating it.”

Hallberg spoke with MPR News host Steven John. Hear their conversation by clicking play on the audio player above.

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