Ask Dr. Jon Hallberg (for the last time)

headshots of two men
Dr. Jon Hallberg (left) and MPR News host Tom Crann (right)
Hallberg photo courtesy of Tom Bloom

After more than a decade on the MPR News airwaves, Dr. Jon Hallberg says goodbye to host Tom Crann and all of you. Dr. Hallberg spent a final hour with MPR News listeners looking back on his long career and commenting on everything from the measles to back pain to flu shots and COVID. They also took questions from callers and previewed what’s next for Dr. Hallberg.


Dr. Jon Hallberg is an associate professor in family medicine at the University of Minnesota and medical director at the Mill City Clinic. He co-hosted the MPR News podcast Hallberg's Picture of Health alongside All Things Considered host Tom Crann.

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