Still searching for a white Christmas

Much of Minnesota's landscape is still snow-free. Few snow chances in sight.

It feels more like December across Minnesota now. But most of the landscape is still snow-free just two weeks before Christmas.

NOAA’s snow depth analysis shows scant snow cover across most of the Upper Midwest.

Snow depth
Snow depth Friday afternoon

Few snow chances

Looking ahead for the next two weeks, the forecast models only show a couple of chances for light snow or flurries. The first one arrives Sunday across mostly northern Minnesota.

NOAA’s NAM 3 km resolution model paints a band of light snow showers across northern Minnesota that may push flurries close to the Twin Cities Sunday.

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NOAA NAM 3 km model
NOAA NAM 3 km model Sunday
NOAA via tropical tidbits

Another possible snow chance appears next Friday. The Canadian model is the most bullish.

Canadian model Friday, December 18
Canadian model Dec. 18.
Environment Canada via tropical tidbits

Other than these two minor potential systems, there appears to be little chance for significant snow before Christmas week. NOAA’s GFS model suggests another possible minor system early Christmas week.

Unless the forecast models come up with a better-organized system in the next two weeks, I’d say the odds of a white Christmas are dropping fast across much of Minnesota this year. Many of us may have to settle for brown or beige.

Stay tuned.