Life above zero: Subzero streak ends for much of Minnesota

116 straight hours at or below zero for the Twin Cities.

Temperatures Tuesday afternoon
Temperatures Tuesday afternoon
Oklahoma Mesonet

116 hours.

That’s how long the Twin Cities stayed at or below zero between Febraury 11 and February 16. Much of northern Minnesota has enudred 11 straight subzero days. Here are some notable subzero numbers.

  • 116 straight hours at or below zero in the Twin Cities. (Feb 11-16)

  • 225 total subzero hours in February in the Twin Cities. (Most since 1936)

  • 281 straight hours of subzero wind chills in the Twin Cities. (Feb 4-16)

Subzero numbers for the Twin Cities
Subzero numbers for the Twin Cities
Twin Cities National Weather Service

The string of 116 hours is impressivley cold. But it’s not even a top-10 record. 10th place for consecutive subzero hours is 130 hours.

Sub-zero hours
Consecutive subzero hours records in the Twin Cities.
Minnesota DNR Climate Working Group

The cold wave eased quickly in Duluh Tuesday. The temperature rose 39 degrees in a matter of 7 hours.

Highs could reach 40 degrees by next Monday.

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