The latest on COVID-19 in Minnesota

3 things to know

  • New, active cases increasing, key metrics now at levels seen in late May.

  • 16 and older with at least one vaccine shot: 67.9 percent.

  • Minnesota continues to see big regional gaps in vaccination rates.

Updated: July 20, 12:11 p.m.

Case counts rising

The daily average of cases has been rising steadily and the weekend total, released Tuesday by state officials, jumped noticeably. The three-day total ending Monday rose from 389 last week to 625 this week, up by more than 60 percent, week over week.

Still, the latest numbers report just one death from COVID-19.

New COVID-19 cases per day in Minnesota
New COVID-19 cases per day in Minnesota
David H. Montgomery | MPR News

The numbers reflect a monthlong rise in infections and testing, as vaccinations have stalled and the coronavirus has spread among people who have not gotten any of the three vaccines currently available.

Active cases are over 1,700, more than double what they were in mid-June.

Active, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota
Active, confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota.
David H. Montgomery | MPR News

Tracking COVID-19 in Minnesota

Roughly 99 percent of Minnesotans known to be infected with COVID-19 have recovered to the point where they no longer need to isolate.

Data in these graphs are based on the Minnesota Department of Health's cumulative totals. You can find more detailed statistics on COVID-19 at the Health Department website.

Vaccination pace crawls

While Minnesota’s vaccination rate recently showed an uptick, the pace has fallen dramatically since peaking in April and continues to stumble ahead.

At the current pace, it appears it will be late August or early September before Minnesota has 70 percent of residents 16 and older with at least one vaccine dose — a target officials once hoped to reach by July 1.

Minnesota’s also seeing big regional gaps in vaccination rates, with most counties outside the Twin Cities region still below 70 percent of adults vaccinated.

A line chart.
Graph showing total COVID-19 vaccinations by age
Map of Minnesota COVID-19 eligible vaccination rate
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