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Republican candidate for Minn. secretary of state now says she'll accept election results

Kim Crockett has previously declined to say whether she would accept the results.

Secretary of state candidate Crockett
Kim Crockett speaks during the first day of the Minnesota State Republican Convention, May 13 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minn.
Star Tribune via Associated Press: Glen Stubbe, AP File

The Republican candidate for Minnesota secretary of state now says she will accept the results of the 2022 election, assuming it doesn't end up so close to require a recount.

Kim Crockett declined to say whether she would accept the election results when asked at a debate last Sunday.

“Given all the terrible division and misinformation around elections, I want to clarify my position so voters can focus on the policy differences between me and Steve Simon,” Crockett said in a statement released Friday.

She said Minnesota’s election laws are weak, specifically how the state processes absentee ballots and same-day registered voters’ ballots.

“Minnesota has for too long emphasized convenience over ballot security,” she said in the statement. “This has led to a decline in confidence in elections, and an increase in divisive rhetoric that is harmful to productive, civil discourse.”