MPR News visual team captures historic Twin Cities snowfall

A children clears snow off of his face
Brady Westphal, 11, clears snow off of his face after taking a run down the sledding hill at Sibley Park in Mankato, Minn. on Thursday.
Jackson Forderer for MPR News

The Twin Cities and southern Minnesota experienced a historic snowfall from Tuesday through Thursday, with over a foot of snow blanketing the city and creating hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Despite the challenging weather, MPR News visual staff and freelance photographers Judy Griesidieck, Stephen Maturen, and Jackson Forderer and videographer Ben Garvin were out in force, capturing Minnesota life throughout the day.

Ben Garvin captured reactions from Minneapolis residents about the big drop. “It’s kind of the beauty of living here,” one person said.

From the quiet stillness of snow-covered streets to the chaos of rush-hour traffic snarled by accidents, MPR News' visual journalists documented the storm from all angles. Their photos and videos show the beauty and power of the snowfall, as well as its impact on the city and its residents.

Here’s your zen moment of the day: A time-lapse starting Tuesday morning and ending Thursday overlooking the corner of 28th avenue and 42nd street in Minneapolis.

Despite the challenges of the storm, MPR News' visual team persevered to bring you these images. Their work captures the resilience and beauty of the city in the face of extreme weather, and serves as a testament to the power of photojournalism in documenting our world.

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