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Audio Postcard: Finding downy gentian in the prairie

a blue flower
A blue downy gentian in a prairie in Goodhue County
Courtesy of Kelly Povo

Updated: 10:51 a.m.

Wedged between two farms is a slice of prairie filled with hundreds of various wildflowers and even cacti. But one flower slowly unraveled with the sunrise, to reveal beautiful, blue petals.

Wildflower chasers Kelly Povo and Phyllis Root ventured to Goodhue county on a foggy morning and walked over rolling hills and through the dew covered tall grass to find the blue downy gentian.

two people in a prairie
Kelly Povo and Phyllis Root hunting for downy gentian in a prairie in Goodhue County.
Lukas Levin | MPR News

Morning Edition associate producer Lukas Levin joined the hunt to find fall wildflowers. You can listen to the postcard they recorded together with the audio player above.

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