First brown Christmas on record possible for parts of northern Minnesota

Historically low snow cover across Minnesota now

White Christmas probability
White Christmas probability
Minnesota DNR Climate Working Group

A white Christmas has been historically certain for much of northern Minnesota.

But not this year. Most of northern Minnesota has a 100% chance of a white Christmas historically. A white Christmas is defined as having at least 1 inch of snow depth on the ground on Christmas morning.

But snow cover in most of Minnesota is at historical lows this year, according to the Minnesota DNR.

Snow depth
Snow depth ranking.
Minnesota DNR

Here are some current snow depth reports as of Wednesday morning.

  • Duluth: 1”

  • Tofte: 1”

  • International Falls: Trace

  • Brainerd: Trace

  • Cloquet: Trace

  • Embarrass: 0”

  • Twin Cities: 0”

Here are the historical probabilities of a white Christmas for parts of Minnesota.

  • Embarrass: 100%

  • Tower: 100%

  • Roseau: 100%

  • Duluth: 98%

  • International Falls: 97%

  • Brianerd: 97%

  • Rochester: 78%

  • Twin Cities: 71%

  • Redwood Falls: 61%

Soggy, green Christmas?

Another wave of warmth will bring record-high temperatures to Minnesota by Christmas Eve. And rain in the forecast will ensure that many areas have little or no snow on the ground this year. That means parts of northern Minnesota will have the first brown Christmas on record.

The grass is still green in parts of Minnesota.

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