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New research hub at the U of M would provide data to guide public health emergencies

COVID Isolation Changes Education
A student wears a mask and face shield in a 4th grade class amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022.
Marcio Jose Sanchez | AP

The University of Minnesota has launched a new center to help leaders make informed decisions the next time there's a pandemic emergency.

The Midwest Analytics and Disease Modeling Center (MADMC) will work within a national network of research centers across the country, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Eva Enns, one of the researchers leading the project, said the goal of MADMC is to develop tools that allow health officials to make informed decisions quickly. 

“They would be making those decisions rather than feeling like it’s a scramble just to do something in response to this emergency,” Enns said. 

MADMC hopes to establish a network with public health departments and health systems across the state, including tribal and territorial communities.

For the full interview with Eva Enns, click play on the audio player above.

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