Twin Cities

Twin Cities named among 2024’s best places to bike

A person walks, while another bikes.
Pedestrians cross the Stone Arch Bridge on April 13, 2024.
Nicole Neri for MPR News

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul were ranked in the top 10 of PeopleForBikes’ annual City Ratings.

Minneapolis was ranked at the No. 1 spot and St. Paul was ranked as No. 4 in the large city category.

PeopleForBikes’ annual City Ratings is a data-driven program to “identify, evaluate and compare the best cities and towns for bicycling in the U.S.”

The ranking is determined by PeopleForBikes’ Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA). Each city (ranging from small, medium and large, based on population) receives a City Ratings score on a scale of 0-100.

The cities are measured across six factors captured in the acronym SPRINT: safe speeds, protected bike lanes, reallocated space for biking and walking, intersection treatments, network connections and trusted data.

Minneapolis had a 2024 BNA score of 71.

St. Paul had a 2024 BNA score of 61.

Other cities ranked in the large category included No. 2 Seattle with a BNA of 65, No. 3 San Francisco with a BNA of 64 and No. 5 Portland, Ore., with a BNA of 59.