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Minneapolis City Council moves forward with tentative police contract

Council members sit at a long table
Council president Elliott Payne speaks during a Minneapolis City Council meeting on April 11.
Ben Hovland | MPR News

A Minneapolis City Council committee voted Monday to move forward with the tentative police union contract that would give Minneapolis police officers a substantial boost in pay.

The contract aims to attract new officers and retain current ones.

City council member Katie Cashman says the contract has her support.

“This contract agreement is not perfect. It is a tool, it’s not the only tool we have to ensure MPD is operating effectively, transparently for both the community and officers, themselves, within the department.”

The public had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the contract, with many in favor, stating public safety is a big concern. But not everyone is on board.

“If you’re from a family who’s suffered from police violence and murdered a family member, what justifies this contract? Nothing was done for my family. Not a thing, never heard from anybody,” said Don Williams, a Minneapolis resident against the contract.

The contract also gives more authority to the police chief to assign work, fill vacant positions and discipline officers after allegations of serious misconduct. Williams expressed concerns about more authority being handed to the police chief.

Final votes by the Minneapolis City Council will be on Thursday, July 18.