Thank You, Stranger

Has someone ever taken you by surprise by doing something kind that made your day a little easier? Your life a little fuller? Our series, “Thank You, Stranger,” looks at those special people and their impact.

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'Thank You, Stranger': Just when she was about to quit med school to care for her newborn, a professor made all the difference
Connie Dale was in her third year of medical school when she gave birth to her first child. Going straight back to school with a newborn at home wasn’t easy for many reasons, but one simple act of kindness kept her going.
Thank You, Stranger: 'When I needed help, I got help from you.'
Imagine you are in a tough spot and someone goes out of their way to help. But you miss your chance to show your appreciation. That is almost what happened to Perry Schussler.
Thank You, Stranger: How a bus driver and passenger helped a St. Paul woman get a fresh start
Sometimes, strangers help change our outlook on life, help us grow, or renew our faith in humanity. Minnesota Now is kicking off a new series called Thank You, Stranger. It explores everyday acts of kindness or courage that had a strong effect on Minnesotans all over the state.
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