Thank You, Stranger

Has someone ever taken you by surprise by doing something kind that made your day a little easier? Your life a little fuller? Our series, “Thank You, Stranger,” looks at those special people and their impact.

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Thank You, Stranger: In northern Minnesota, a man’s motorcycle broke down in the exact right spot
Matt Stanton’s motorcycle broke down in rural northern Minnesota. His bike stopped right in front of the only driveway for miles. And the man who owned that house, couldn’t have been the more perfect stranger to help him out.
A stranger stole a young Twins fan’s signed baseball, then a group of strangers made it right
For this week’s installment of Thank You, Stranger, we hear about a mystery baseball thief — and a quest to make things right for an 8-year-old Twins fan.
Thank You, Stranger: In 2020, we all avoided strangers, but some stepped up during a scary circumstance
Sophie Wahlstrom was on a run when she fell and broke her leg. It was the height of the pandemic, she didn’t have her phone on her, and most strangers were wary to interact with others.
Thank You, Stranger: During her father's illness, small acts of kindness made the biggest difference
Barbara Cox was taking her dad to the museum when out of the blue, someone helped fix his wheelchair and left before Cox had the chance to thank her.
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