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Alua Arthur says facing death is the key to living well
In her work as a death doula, Alua Arthur has been present for thousands of deaths. Her new book, “Briefly Perfectly Human,” says facing your mortality is the best way to live a purposeful and joyful life.
When Baby Sloth tumbles out of a tree, Mama Sloth comes for him — s l o w l y
Did you know on average a sloth will fall out of a tree once a week for its entire life? It’s true — and the inspiration for Brian Cronin and Doreen Cronin’s new children’s book, “Mama in the Moon.”
Lea Carpenter explores what happens when the business of spying gets personal
Lea Carpenter’s latest spy novel unfolds as a last-chance operation against a high-value target led by a naïve and inexperienced recruit.
Stephen King’s new story took him 45 years to write
Stephen King is out with a new collection of short stories. As you might expect from the reigning King of Horror, some are terrifying. Some are creepy. Others are laugh-out-loud funny.
‘The Minneapolis Reckoning:’ New book traces the city’s journey to the brink of police reform
Four years ago this week, a movement to defund and abolish the Minneapolis Police Department ignited across the city and the world. In those four years since George Floyd’s murder, everything — and nothing — has changed.
St. Paul libraries introduce summer passport program to get more Minnesotans into the stacks
St. Paul public libraries had more than 1 million visitors in 2023, but they want it to be even more. A new program leaning into exploring all that locations have to offer could increase it.
New book is ‘love letter to Prince and Purple Rain’ ahead of 40th anniversary
Prince’s story is told by Minneapolis-based music journalist Andrea Swensson, host of the Official Prince Podcast and a Minnesota Book Award winner. She calls her new book, “Prince and Purple Rain: 40 Years,” a “love letter” to his legacy.
Lydia Millet writes a devotion to the species disappearing from our planet
Lydia Millet’s “We Loved It All” is a lush lament to the natural world slipping through our fingers and a call to save what we still can.