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St. Paul songwriter dies in his prime
31-year old singer/songwriter Jeff Hanson was found dead in his apartment, likely from a fall. By all accounts his career was heading places and his sweet voice was capturing people's imaginations. Give his music a listen and send caring thoughts to his family and friends.
Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand is both a talented aerial photographer and a devoted environmentalist. At a recent TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference, he joked he'd have to kill a Frenchman once he got home in order to offset the carbon he produced taking the plane. But in truth, Arthus-Bertrand is using his artistic talent to make the greatest impact, by showing what humanity has done to the planet.
Art Hounds: What’s going on this weekend?
If you'd like dessert with your theater, get thee to Bedlam, which is hosting a production of King Lear. The catch is that each of the five acts is performed by a different theater company, and each company serves its own dessert to the audience.
Plans for the Shubert leap forward, finally
Remember back in 1999 when construction workers moved the old Shubert theater several blocks through downtown Minneapolis in order to save the building from demolition? After ten years of lobbying and fundraising, last night the folks behind the Shubert Theater got the last $2 million they need to renovate the building. They plan to renovate…
Who knew the Twin Cities had so much terra cotta?
Architecture critic Larry Millett has two new books out detailing the buildings of the Lake District in Minneapolis and Summit Avenue in St. Paul. MPR's Tim Nelson went with Millett to check out some of his favorites.
Kushner: Give “Intelligent Homosexual” another week to get better.
This weekend I bumped into Tony Kushner at the Guthrie. We were both watching "Tiny Kushner," a series of one-acts. He raved about the actors and then continued to laud the local actors in "The Intelligent Homosexual." I said I hadn't seen it yet. His response: "Give it a week."
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