State Fair

The 2024 Minnesota State Fair runs Aug. 22 to Sept. 2.

Faces of the Fair: Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar
There are few State Fair foods more iconic than Sweet Martha's cookies. The fair staple started modestly in a 9-by-11 stand built in Martha Rossini Olson's backyard and filled with rented equipment.
How to become a food vendor at the Minnesota State Fair
There are 247 licensed food vendors at the Minnesota State Fair selling more than 500 food items. And the thought has occurred to many fairgoers with an idea for a bite to sell: How do I get one of those coveted spots?
The portrait is on display in the Minnesota State Fair's Agriculture Building, right next to a seed depiction of Jesus.
Faces of the Fair: Hot Indian Foods
Hot Indian, which started as a food truck, then added a restaurant and later a stall at Target Field, started after founder Amol Dixit lost his job after 15 years at General Mills.