Heavy rains and climate change challenge Minnesota agriculture, farmers of color
“It has been a tough season,” said Marcus Carpenter, founder of an organization that supports greater racial and ethnic diversity in farming. “When you have farmers of color who have very little acreage to deal with in the beginning, having an entire washout can be detrimental for them, both economically … and from a community perspective.”
In Grant County, more than 280 grazing goats provide sustainable solution to buckthorn
Each month, MPR senior economics contributor Chris Farrell takes us inside a local business. This time he visited a farm in Grant County that is using their goats in a unique way.
Robots with hoes show farmers possible future of weed control
Weeds are becoming resistant to herbicides used by farmers, leaving few good options for controlling unwanted plants that can quickly take over a field. This summer, weed-killing robots are patrolling fields near Moorhead, offering a glimpse of a high tech future on the farm.
Volunteers are needed for the statewide bumble bee survey
The Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas wants to expand its statewide survey of bumble bees, but needs more volunteers to do the work. The ambitious project aims to expand the knowledge of where bumble bees are found in Minnesota.
New influenza testing rule for dairy cows going to Minnesota fairs
New influenza testing requirements are in effect for dairy cows in Minnesota. Lactating cows must now have a negative H5N1 virus test before they can attend fairs or other exhibitions.
Minnesota landmark: The Frank Schott stone barn near Chokio
Out on the fields of western Minnesota, the Frank Schott stone barn cuts an imposing and lonely silhouette. It’s been just over 100 years since a German immigrant started building it.
Update on bird flu in Minnesota as pathogen spills into other populations
Millions of birds around the country are being culled by farmers as an outbreak of avian influenza, or bird flu, continues to spread — and infect other species like cattle.
Minnesota lawmakers assert protections for public waters
Legislators passed language clarifying that a waterway that meets the legal definition is a public water, even if it’s not on a decades-old state inventory. Its passage followed a lengthy legal dispute over Limbo Creek, the last free-flowing stream in heavily-farmed Renville County.
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