Is this number of E. coli cases common?

Two beaches on Lake Nokomis are closed for the remainder of the summer season after three children who swam in the Minneapolis lake became ill from E. coli contamination

MPR News host Angela Davis checked in with Trisha Robinson from the Minnesota Department of Health about why MDH decided to close the beaches and whether the number of E. coli bacteria-related sicknesses is unusual.

“We are fortunate here in Minnesota that we don’t have this happen very frequently, but we certainly have had it happen in the past,” Robinson said. “We are kind of our own worst enemy. We don’t stay out of the water when we are sick, and we really need to. So, we need to do that to help protect ourselves and so we can all continue to enjoy our bodies of water for the whole summer long.”


Trisha Robinson, waterborne-disease expert at the Minnesota Department of Health

Use the audio player above to listen to the show. A previous version of this web page included the incorrect audio. That has been corrected.

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