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It’s time for a quarantine declutter

A full bookshelf with lots of art hanging above it.
Own so many books you don't even know what's on your shelves anymore? Or do you toss your clothes on your floor after you wear them? Professional organizers can get you on the right track to upping your housekeeping game during stay-at-home orders.
Jonathan Borba on Pexels

You’ve been stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Have clutter and organization projects you’ve been putting off started to bug you yet?

People hire professional organizers when they struggle to get started on the things they want to do around the house. MPR News host Angela Davis speaks with two of them about their tips for getting started on decluttering during stay-at-home orders. The organizers also answer listener questions about how to make home a little more calming and a little less chaotic.


  • Louise Kurzeka is a professional organizer and founder of Everything’s Together.

  • Michele Vig is a professional organizer and founder of Neat Little Nest.

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