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Working teenagers see new opportunities and higher wages

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MPR host Angela Davis in studio with MPR News economic contributor Chris Farrell and Amanda Justen, the Minneapolis Public Schools program strategy manager at Achieve Twin Cities, on Monday in the St. Paul studio.
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If you’re a high school or college student looking for a job, now is a good time to apply for one.

The pandemic has had lasting effects on jobs for pretty much everyone, and in some ways that has opened up opportunities for teenagers and young adults.

The unemployment rate for teenagers ages 16 to 19 was under 10 percent last summer, the lowest it has been since Nov. 1953. 

MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with guests who help teenagers and young adults find work. We talked about the job market for this age group and tips for how they can land jobs.

Job resources:


  • Elena Foshay is the director of workforce development for the City of Duluth. Her agency is the lead partner at CareerForce in Duluth, which is part of a statewide career development and matching resource that works with employers and individuals, including teens and college students.

  • Amanda Justen is the Minneapolis Public Schools program strategy manager at Achieve Twin Cities. The organization partners with that school district and Saint Paul Public Schools to help students plan for their careers and postsecondary education. 

  • Chris Farrell is a senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media's nationally syndicated public radio business and economic programs. He’s also a senior economics contributor at MPR News.

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