The school board elections you won’t want to ‘sleep on’

a school hallway with a sign
A sign directing attendees to a Bloomington Public School Board listening session on Oct. 9.
Elizabeth Shockman | MPR News

Culture war issues are increasingly playing a role in who gets elected to the school board. 

Over the last few years, school board races have become a political battleground. First sparked by heated debates over mask mandates during the pandemic, the cultural issues of today range from parental rights in the classroom to diversity in curriculum.

School board elections used to be nonpartisan. But candidates running in this year’s elections have been endorsed by political groups, and large dollar amounts are being spent to sway voters.

With a heated competition across 40 Minnesota districts underway, do you know who’s on your voter ballot this November?

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MPR News host Angela Davis and her guests talk about the importance of school board elections, the role board members play and what motivates people to run for school board seats.


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