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Carbon Sound's Julian Green and Sanni Brown on HEART BEATS and the Minnesota music scene

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MPR News Host Angela Davis (right), Julian Green (center right), Sanni Brown (center left) and MPR News editor Brandt Williams pose for a portrait at the Kling Public Media Center in St. Paul on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.
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MPR News host Angela Davis checked in with the team from Carbon Sound at our sister station, The Current.  

Carbon Sound is a music stream, website and app “dedicated to celebrating the depth, breadth and influence of Black musical expression.” 

The stream has been broadcasting for just a year and a half, but the small but mighty Carbon Sound team has been doing big things. Carbon Sound won an Anthem Award for its work last spring – that's an international award celebrating “purpose and mission-driven work.” 

Content Director Julian Green and Host Sanni Brown joined MPR News with Angela Davis to talk about their newest work spotlighting DJ mixes and local musicians. 

Tuesday, Feb. 13, Carbon Sound will host a dance night at the Seventh Street Entry in Minneapolis called "HEART BEATS.” 

Julian Green is the content director for Carbon Sound. He built and manages the music library and oversees content creation. He previously served as program director at Radio K at the University of Minnesota and founded their online hip-hop stream The Vanguard.

Sanni Brown is the host and voice of Carbon Sound. Her show, “The Message,” focusing on classic Hip Hop and R&B, also airs on The Current on Wednesday nights. She has more than 10 years of broadcast experience at stations including KMOJ-FM, KFAI-FM and 107.1 MyTalk. 

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