Untangled Roots

Minnesota is the land of more than 10,000 lakes and many more distinct stories and ideas which deserve a closer look. Introducing Untangled Roots, a new podcast from the MPR News North Star Journey project. MPR journalist Brandt Williams and media entrepreneur Jonathan Rabb unpack the untold stories of communities of color.

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Ep. 5  'How do you make it right?'
One of the great losses caused by the highway expansion through Rondo was the loss of generational wealth for the residents. For decades, Rondo has struggled to keep pace with other areas of St. Paul. Everyone acknowledges that what happened to Rondo was wrong. The question now, is how do we make it right?
Ep. 4: 'These were resilient people'
Rondo was forever changed by the highway expansion. But why was Rondo chosen? What happened after the highway physically divided the neighborhood? And how did the sons and daughters of Rondo stay committed to the community they loved so much.
Ep. 3: 'Everybody was fighting the same racism'
Rondo became a place where Black people found ways to provide services for themselves when they were denied by others outside of the neighborhood. But sometimes when progress happens for Black people, others feel threatened.
Ep. 2: 'Such a rich community'
Rondo was a working class neighborhood that was home to new immigrants from troubled parts of the world, as well as African Americans who fled oppression in their own country. While many came to Rondo with few resources, they were able to find work and build a community rich with culture and strong community bonds.
Ep. 1: The people left Rondo, but Rondo didn't leave them
St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood still embodies the values of a community torn asunder by the construction of I-94. In this first episode we look at how the Rondo neighborhood keeps going and helped make the city's first Black mayor, Melvin Carter III, who followed the “family business” of community service all the way to City Hall.
Untangled Roots celebrates the culture and history of diverse communities across Minnesota and unpacks the issues and events that have impact. This signature podcast of the MPR News North Star Journey project unearths novel angles on familiar topics, hidden stories and fresh voices. Subscribe!