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Everything you need to know about the local, state and federal elections in 2022.

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Moriarty comes to role of chief prosecutor as former advocate for the prosecuted
Mary Moriarty didn’t take the traditional path to the county attorney’s office. She served in the public defender’s office for more than three decades, and was known for advocating strongly for racial justice, which earned her both admirers and critics.
Despite mail voting changes, ballot rejections remain relatively low in 2022 midterms
Hundreds of thousands of mail ballots were rejected across the country during the 2022 general election. That's about 1 percent of returned ballots, a rate similar to prior years.
Voting explainer: In many states, there's a process to fix an error with your ballot
Ballot rejections are often the result of relatively minor voter errors. That's why about half of states have a process in place to help voters fix their mail ballots if they do make a mistake.
Your Vote: What's the future of recreational marijuana legalization in Minnesota?
All this week, MPR News host Angela Davis is discussing what matters to you as you prepare to vote in November. Today’s topic: the future of recreational marijuana legalization in Minnesota.
Warnock or Walker? Georgia runoff to settle last Senate seat
Georgia voters are set to decide the final Senate contest in the country. They will choose whether to reelect Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock or instead opt for Republican football legend Herschel Walker.
Post-election hand counts find no issues with Minn. ballot-counting machines
County election officials say they think the audit should show the accuracy of the vote-tabulating machines, but they doubt it will satisfy critics who want to return to hand-counting all ballots.
State House recounts scheduled to begin Monday
Election recounts for two extremely close state House races in northeastern Minnesota — that were decided by just 35 and 15 votes — are scheduled to begin Monday morning. History suggests the results are likely to stand.
Almost $80 million is spent on TV ads for Georgia's 4-week Senate runoff
And spending by groups supporting Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock has more than doubled contributions from groups backing Republican challenger Herschel Walker.