2023 Minnesota legislative session

MPR News is your source for updates from the 2023 Minnesota legislative session that began on Jan. 3, 2023. Whether you're looking for information about a new law or want an update on state funding decisions, you can find it here.

Minnesota's new rebate powers up 'Year of the e-bike'
Bike retailers around Minnesota say e-bike sales have surged in recent years. And they expect further growth now that Minnesota has joined the increasing number of states and cities to pass e-bike rebate programs.
 Paid leave is now Minnesota law: What you need to know
Minnesota joins about a dozen states with a guarantee to partially paid time off to bond with a new child, to care for a seriously ill relative or to deal with one’s own health problems. The leave benefit won’t kick in until 2026.
Walz works to frame session outcome: ‘What’s in it for Minnesota?’
At a made-for-a-TV commercial rally, Gov. Tim Walz and DFL allies claim victory for a slate of progressive policies they say will improve Minnesota despite doubts raised by Republicans. 
Lawmakers approve tougher enforcement, penalties for water permit violators
The bill gives state regulators stronger authority to crack down on violators who pump more water than they're permitted. Farmers worry they could face hefty fines if they overdraw to keep their crops alive during a drought.
Rebates, cannabis and abortion safeguards: What lawmakers got done in the 2023 legislative session
Holding the three levers of power at the Capitol under control, the Democrats called it a “transformational” legislative session. Here’s what they did.
As session ends, Democrats ‘run the table’ at Capitol
Democrats were celebrating passing all their major priorities as the 2023 legislative session came to an end Monday night. Republicans were left to hope voters will want a change in 2024.
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